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Selling Property Quickly In Scotland

"My first home that I lived in quickly sold, after only being on the housing market for a few weeks. The 'For Sale' board had not even been hammered into the ground properly. My sale, had nothing to do with the heydays of the blossoming housing market, it was latterly and not so long ago in 2012"

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The average time, that homes throughout the country spent on the housing market was noted in 2014 as 71 days, according to statistics from the Guardian. That's less than the previous year, but is still greater than when I sold my property. Other people, including some of my friends, have been trying to sell their property for in essence a year or more, on the erratic housing market. How did I sell my house in record time. Here are tips, that I would like to share with you. They certainly, helped me sell my house, they could also be of assistance to you, helping you to achieve your ultimate goal of a fast house sale.

Kerb appeal - one to focus on

First impressions count, there is no disputing this fact. If the house has overgrown bushes, chipped paintwork, and unattended gardens, this doesn't make for a good impression. For my part, to sell my house, I painted the exterior of the house, because it was a bit of an eyesore with chipped paint. I trimmed bushes, weeded the garden and added a splash of colour to the tired planters in the entrance of the house. I even laid new lawn turf, so that the grass would impress, as I decided to sell in the fall. I did spend some money, to improve the exterior of the property, and make it more appealing to prospective buyers. But it was worth it to get them through the door.

If the outside of the property, is ship shape so to speak, buyers will think that they can economise and save on having to spend any money on it, when they move in.


All repairs, even minor ones, need to be attended to. Everything, from chipped paintwork, or a leaky tap need to be sorted promptly, even something as simple as replacing a light bulb that has gone out and you haven't bothered to change it. Buyers, should be confident, that you are maintaining the house, and keeping it in order. You must attend to projects, that have been on the back burner, and at the bottom of your list. In my case, I tackled projects, that I had been ignoring, hoping they would go away. Hiring someone, to attend to minor repairs, is not an action of defeat, it is a good idea, if you do not either possess the skills necessary for that particular job, or haven't got enough time. I hired someone to rebuild a portion of a fence in the yard, that was an eyesore, and definitely not creating a good impression. I also hired an electrician as well, to check that the wiring of my old Victorian home was up to scratch. Make sure light fixtures, that are old are checked and replace light fixtures that might be faulty.

Staging the property

To 'stage' a property, as professionals name it, involves several issues that need attention. Deep cleaning the property thoroughly, de cluttering, this means, removing piles of unread magazines or books that maybe strewn over the floor, toys and the like from surrounding areas, to create an idea of space. Also depersonalizing, and re-arranging furnishings, or getting rid of bulky items, to make the house more attractive to buyers. Figures, from surveys at StagedHomes.com suggest, that 90 percent of homes, that have gone through this staging process, sold in less than 22 days on average.

In my case, I painted the walls in the hallway, that were marked, and re-painted the paintwork that was chipped The ceiling in the kitchen, was stained, so this got another coat of paint, to freshen it up and cover stains. I put away, family photos, that were dotted about, on tables and shelves, throughout the house. I changed the playroom, into another sitting room. I sorted through wardrobes, and put furniture into storage, that was bulky and unnecessary, but of personal value to me. My home became, so tidy and organised, in fact ready for a photo shoot, for a magazine. That was my goal, which after a lot of hard work, and attention to detail, I consider, I achieved.

There is a lot of information on the internet, which will prompt you into action, to start you making your home more saleable to prospective buyers. Check ou HomeGain.com If you are unable to get to grips with staging you property yourself,there are professional stagers, who can be hired for varying prices. StagedHomes.com provides, details of staged professionals, for your guidance.

The Price must be right

I had my house valued, before I endeavoured to sell it. I put it on the market for a slightly higher price, but less than prices of similar homes, in the area that were for sale. My goal, was to sell the property quickly, because I had accepted an offer on another property at the time. I was selling the property myself, so I didn't have to pay any estate agent's commission.

You need to know, what the competition looks like in your area, when you are selling your property, so your price is the right price. Check Realtor.com, Zillow.com, or Trulia.com for price listings in your area. These properties, should be comparable in all aspects, size, age and location. If they have, more expensive or differing floor surfaces or kitchen tops for example, you may need to review and adjust accordingly, your house selling price. It is important, to leave yourself open to negotiation.

The word is out

My second home, was sold before the 'For Sale' board went up. I announced on facebook, that my property would soon, be put on the market soon. I chatted, with parents, outside of my children's school, and mentioned to the parent-teacher organisation's meeting, that it was imperative to sell my house, because I'd made an offer on another property. After the meeting,I got a call from one of the mothers. I showed her around the house, and four days later, I got an offer Even if you use an estate agent, it is a good idea, to let as many people as possible, know about your impending house sale. Distribute leaflets, list your property in local newspapers, shop windows. Do as much canvassing as possible to get viewings and prospective buyers through your door to achieve a sale.

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